So lately I've been so sick of my hair; highlighted for years, it had just got a bit blah. I decided to stray from my regular salon and paid a visit to Peter Mark on Grafton Street and met with Bronwen to discuss my do. 

I tried to describe that I wanted my hair to be brown-but-blonde-but-balyage-but natural and she said no problem! I got my patch test and booked my appointment and spent the following two days feeling nervous and anxious - getting your hair done somewhere new is so scary!

Bronwen was equally as enthusiastic about by my colour change on our second meeting. She put highlights, lowlights, a brown Inoa tint and blonde balyage through my hair - it felt like a lot of brown and my nerves were shattered as I imagined having to adjust to life as a brunette (Burn the Brunette?) but I needn't have worried.

I love my new colour! It's much more natural looking and I'll get 10-12 weeks between appointments. My experience at Peter Mark was so enjoyable; the staff were so friendly, the salon is gorgeous and my stylist was an absolute dream - I'll definitely be back! 


  1. Awww I love it!! I have the same problem, I keep chopping and changing my colour of blonde...there is just too many options for one hair colour hehe! Your hair looks fab :)
    Danielle x <3
    a blonde statement - fashion | cosmetics | lifestyle blog

  2. I absolutely love this! Looks so natural and healthy!


  3. Hair is absolutely one of the most important factors or features of a human’s elegance and symbolizes character. We are like whatever you expect from an ideal elegance salon.

  4. I like your hair on the last picture.


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